29th September 2021

Security Systems

When you choose Sunraysia Security Protective Services to solve your security needs, we offer a comprehensive network of resources operated by fully licensed, trained and experienced staff with an in-depth knowledge and the ability to manage your needs with competence. The incorporation of high-quality, approved products in a package of co-ordinated and certified services enables us to achieve the total performance we aim to provide to you, our customer. The superior technology, exceptional quality of products and the outstanding service and maintenance capabilities of our team ensure a high degree of reliability and excellence in teamwork and integrity to customers.

Sparkbusters Pty Ltd. is dedicated to providing superior products
and services, which support our customers’ business and
personal needs both now and into the future.

Our Company installs the simple basic system to sophisticated
state of the art systems. Some of the systems, just to name a few
include Bosch Solution Panels, DAS, NESS 5000, TECOM,
Concept 1000, 2000, 3 000 & 4000 Total Management Security

Technical Support

Qualified, experienced and licensed technicians are available to
attend to alarm maintenance and repairs within 24-hours of the
request been received. Urgent matters are promptly undertaken upon receipt.

Compliance of relevant sections of Australian Standards is adhered to.

• Standby backup battery with a minimum capacity of 48hrs for a local unmonitored audible alarm and a
minimum capacity of 4hrs for a monitored alarm.
• Automatic rechargeable batteries
• Tamper protection on all detection and warning devices
• Concealed or protected wiring
• Routine maintenance of system
• Operating procedure instructions
• Weekly testing of the alarm system